Welcome to the Township of Neville, also known as Neville Island.


Located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, approximately 10 miles  northwest  of Pittsburgh.  Neville Island consists of   1.3 square miles of residential, commercial and industrial districts


The Township was incorporated in  1901 and has a population of 1,084 according to the 2010 Census.


The Island was formerly known as Montour's Island, named for the Native American interpreter Andrew Montour, who lived on the land in colonial times. Before the American Revolution, the island was claimed by both Pennsylvania and Virginia. Both states awarded a claim to the island to citizens of their states. The dispute found its way to the Supreme Court in Irvine v. Sims's Lessee (1799). Charles Simms won the case and gained possession of the island. It was eventually transferred to his partner in the lawsuit, General John Neville, for whom the island, and the township, is named. Neville lived on the island in his final years.